Mobile UST

With a professional, interactive, projector from Epson!

Here’s how it works!

In the film you can see how you can use Mobile UST to, for example, wirelessly show a presentation from an iPad.
The projector is interactive – so you can choose whether to write on the board with ordinary whiteboard markers or its digital counterpart.
With an interactive ultra short throwing projector you can point and click around on the board as if it were an absolutely gigantic tablet.
You can use the projector’s built-in software or any software in a computer you have connected to it.
The writing board is approved according to “Writing boards for educational institutions – Ergonomic, technical and safety – Requirements and test methods SS-EN 14434: 2010, level 2.” That means it is the most durable and safe writing board you can get.

Click on the little speaker icon to play film silently. There is also a button for to switch to full screen. The resolution is 854 x 480 px (SD Wide) to save your bandwith.

Meeting rooms as a service – the most eco-logical option!

Here’s your chance to be first into the loops of the circular economy.

The Installation Free Mobile is designed to fit into a sustainable circular economy.
Robust, high quality components, durable and particularly well suited for those who want to have meetings as a service.
When you’re done with your Mobile UST we are giving it, after refurbishing, a new life with another smart and eco-logic customer.

Choosing this option you get a both hassle free and sustainable solution to your needs!

Travel free meetings included!

To really pull away from the competition altogether and give you the greatest environmental bang for the buck we have also included digital meetings as a cloud service completely free for the contracted period if you choose this option. A cloud service like this can often cost as much as our complete offer!

The cloud service included is AUPX Cloud and it allows everyone to join in your Web-based remote meetings no matter what device they have.
iPhones, video conferencing systems, tablets, Android phones or Skype clients – and all devices with a display and a web browser can join!

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PDF Datasheet

Here you can download data sheets that describes the products in detail:

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