A 43- to 47-inch TV is regarded as a rather small TV in a professional context nowadays. It is the best choice at short distances.


Web camera with integrated microphone

The camera features a wide-angle lens so that the other party gets a good impression of you.


Connecto Pucks

Push the meeting table towards the panel and plug in your computer or playback equipment here.


Panel in any design

Choose between Beech, Birch or Oak as we have in our standard range or custom-designed variants like this Dog Bone/Storm.

Meeting Wall Small

New – Large meetings in small rooms!

We have seen a growth in smaller meeting rooms lately.
Working meetings, client meetings, counseling and distance meetings can be done in a small and handy space.
With the InstallationFree Meeting Wall Small your meeting room becomes ready in three easy steps:

  1. An aluminum rail is mounted on the wall.
  2. The product is hung on the rail.
  3. The connector is plugged in the wall socket.

If You can hang up a painting – You can build a meeting room!

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Education Wall

The big news of the spring semester!

Schools are popping up like mushrooms in the ground!
To meet the rapidly evolving needs for high-quality interactive education technology at a superior price, we have developed the InstallingFree Education Wall with Finger Touch.
As a base for the entire solution we have used our own unique writing board panel approved according to EN 14434:2010 (Writing boards for educational institutions. Ergonomic, technical and safety requirements and their test methods) to level 2. This means that it can handle more than any other board.
Integrated in the solution: Shelf, socket for computer, control system for the projector and active speakers.
A camera for documentation of lessons or distance learning is available as an add-on.

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Interactive Projector with Finger Touch!

Can keep track of 10 fingers or pens at the same time.


Active Speakers!


Never lose control!

Adjust volume and control the projector with a fixed control panel.


Connecto Pucks

Smart outlets with integrated cable reels for signal and data cables.


Sturdy shelf

…for your computer or anything else that you want to put in the spotlight.


The world’s best whiteboard!

The recipe is simple: Glass enamel of superior quality on steel, a core of MDF and a backing sheet of galvanized steel. In other words: No compromises!


An installation free workhorse that is available in several variants. With or without camera or interactive touch screen.

A very stylish, smart and neat whiteboard on wheels with built-in LED TV. Everything is wired and ready. Prepared for easy connection of webcam for remote meetings. Fully installation free solution! Just roll it into the room and put in the plug! No construction dust! Choose to connect your device with cable or wireless. The variant with touch screen is called Interactive.

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Mobile Signage

InstallationFree Mobile revolves into something new!

Your new target groups think that this screen is turned the right way.

So thought the Jeep company too when they aired a commercial in portrait format for more 100 million viewers in the break of the Super Bowl in 2016 .
Presentations and films suitable for handheld devices can be displayed in all its splendor. Maps, reservations, daily programs, menus and other information can be rolled out in the foyer or reception.
With Mobile Signage you can bring have one or more remote participants with you on stage or do more personal presentations to smaller, more engaged, groups at fairs. If you get any questions, there is a writing board on the back to use.

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Mobile Projection Table

The patented Connecto Pro Image in a rollable leaf table.

We have taken all the technology out of the meeting room floor, walls and ceiling and we have put it into the “Mobile Projection Table”. This means that you can easily roll all your professional meeting room functionalities into any room. Whether it is a gigantic open space or a normal office.
You will be installation free.

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DesignLine Whiteboard

In real life, the stylish DesignLine whiteboard is one of the finest things you can hang on the wall in a meeting room or office.
One of the reasons is the detail finish.
Manufactured and adjusted to perfection by AudicomPendax with exactly the technical features you want.

Hang it on the wall and plug it in. Put your device of the retractable shelf and get going!

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Meeting Wall

All furnishers favorite and this summer’s big news!


Judging from interest, this will become a real classic. Remember where you saw it first!

With our smart, patented, method of assembling unprecedentedly strong and flexible furniture, we can create a lot of amazing and installation-free products. The Meeting Wall is yet another example of this. Place it against the wall and start working!

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With Whiteboard, LED TV and Connecto Shelf

Conference Combinet

An elegant X-Line Conference Cabinet with swing doors in wood or a modern DesignLine cabinet with sliding glass doors. Includes pre-installed LED TV and all the modern technology required for productive and secure meetings. The perfect solution for those who want to combine the classic or modern look with the very latest technology.
Doors in beech, birch or oak with the option to add a flipchart and whiteboard or doors in any colored glass.

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DesignLine Sideboard

The solution for those looking for something out of the ordinary.

Way back in the dawn of television designers hid the technology when it was not in use. Preferably in a veneered cabinet with roll-front.
So, hiding a television set in a piece of furniture is not really brand new – but to do it in this way is really something extraordinary!
The TV (and the webcam, if you have chosen any) will automatically rise out of the top when you turn the TV on. Check out the film to see for yourself!

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Mobile UST

An ultra short throw projector and a whiteboard is supposed to sit on the wall, right?
Well. Not really. Actually, they should sit on a wheeled trolley so you can roll the entire setup into the room that you want to use for your presentation or meeting.
For easy passing through the doorways and into the elevators, the projector is foldable and since people come in all different heights, the height of the board and projector is electrically adjustable.
Just the way it is supposed to be!

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It all started with Connecto Pro Image

Integrating our popular meeting room system Connecto with a projection solution provided the ability to install all modern meeting technology in one single device. A new way to fit meeting rooms with advanced and functional equipment without advanced knowledge.
Although we talk a lot about the installation, the most important part of the Installation Free concept is not the installation. It is freedom.
The freedom to work and decorate as you wish.

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